University Courses You Probably Never Knew Existed (Number 16 Will Shock You!)

University Courses You Probably Never Knew Existed (Number 16 Will Shock You!)


When you enter into a degree program at a university, the moment you step into the university is a life changing event. Although you may not realize it at first, the courses you take at university pretty much draft the outline of your career. So, it is very important to choose relevant subjects according to your career choice. Many universities offer a wide range of courses for students to select from. While some basic courses such as English, Accounting, Psychology, Engineering and Advance Algebra among others are common and can be found in many university course outlines, there are few courses that are so unique that you might not even know they do exist! So instead of asking which university course to choose, why don't you try your hands on one of these lesser-known university courses?

1.) Simpsons and the Philosophy

Simpsons, yes, you heard it right. This unique course involves the ever green animated series of Simpsons and is taught at University of California in Berkeley. It involves the study of the animated series from the perspective of famous philosophers among which include Nietzsche and Plato. The course is currently offered for two credit hours.

2.) David Beckham

The Staffordshire University in England offers this extraordinary course in view of the notorious football player and media star, David Beckham. In this 12 week course, students are allowed to concentrate on his diverse hair styles, his marriage to Victoria Beckham and his status as "the subject of many dreams”. Football fans, this one’s definitely for you!

3.) Feel The Force: How to Train in the Jedi Way

Basically extraordinary! Ruler's University Belfast makes the fantasies of many Star Wars fans work out as expected with this college course. Understudies will find out about the mental methods behind Jedi mind traps. The course additionally analyzes more extensive issues behind the Star Wars universe, for example, adjust, fate, dualism, parenthood and one party rule.

4.) Fat Studies

The George Washington University offers a course centering a noteworthy issue, which is common in the world nowadays and is a matter of great concern, Obesity. It looks at everything identified with weight through film, writing, human studies and even through gatherings held by individuals experiencing being overweight. This course is definitely a positive step towards catering the issue of obesity. A good addition to studies, eh!

5.) The Sociology of Fame and Lady Gaga

On the off chance that David Beckham is not your style, there is another option: Lady Gaga. This course, accessible at the University of South California, is educated by Lady Gaga's greatest fan; an instructor of the vocalist who has gone to more than 30 concerts.  The course covers Lady Gaga's profession by investigating her character and ascend to fame. For all the Lady Gaga Fans, this course is definitely a treat!

6.) Harry Potter and the Age of Illusion

In case you're an aficionado of Harry Potter, this college course, offered by University of Durham in Britain, is for you. In spite of the appealing title, this course doesn't show you how to cast spells however how J.K. Rowling's work reflects cutting edge society, analyzing issues, for example, partiality and citizenship. For all the Harry Potter Fans out there, to dive more into J.K Rowling writing, this course is the one for you!

7.) Maple Syrup

Yum maple syrup! Do you like it enough to do a course at college about it? The Alfred University in New York offers a course to students which encircles around Maple Syrup, its production and the change that has come in the process through years, Maple Syrup fans, gear up for in-depth study of your favorite Syrup!

8.) How to Watch TV

The Montclair State University has made this engaging course that shows you how to "stare at the TV legitimately". The course compels the students to watch various series on TV and talk shows and consider the effect of TV on the technology and how it has improved over the years, for those who love to stay in front of the TV watching their favorite shows, this is the one for you!

9.) Zombie Studies

 In case you're a fanatic of the clique, you may consider applying in this college course.  This University of Baltimore course investigations zombie motion pictures and shows, for example, "The Walking Dead", "28 Days Later" and "Zombieland". Get ready to study your favorite movies in a different and fun style all the time completing your credit hours as well!

10.) Bowling Industry Management

Bowling is a fun game. It has been taught for years and is an art worth learning. But this distinctive course, offered by The Vincennes University of Indiana, will show you everything about the game so you can turn into a bowling master and awe your friends at bowling alley.

11.) Women's Activist Perspectives: Politicizing Beyoncé

Calling all the single women: this investigation into Queen Beyoncé impact on women's liberation, race, sexual orientation, and culture helps understudies turn out to be more mindful of the path in which popular culture shapes society. Offered at the Rutgers University, most classes that are named for big names manage humanistic systems of acclaim or brain research projects of human conduct. By comparing Beyoncé's melody verses with readings by recognized dark pioneers like Sojourner Truth and Octavia Butler, the course answer the question, "Can Beyoncé's music be viewed as a plan for dynamic social change?" Amazing, huh!

12.) Wellbeing Psychology


This isn't your common Psych 101. Taught at Yale University, In Benjamin Toll's intelligent course, students learn as much outside of the classroom as they do inside by drenching themselves in a self-mediation. Every student who takes up the course distinguishes an issue inside their own particular life, running from worry to rest to hesitation, and for the term of the semester, they apply their insight from class examinations and readings to their own propensities with an end goal to change their conduct. Typifying John Dewey's reasoning of "learning by doing,” A fun course indeed, for those looking to understand psychology in practical life and thinking out of the box!

13.) The Art of Walking

Hold up, there's a whole new style of walking in a decent way that we so neglect each day? Taught at the Center College, and as indicated by this Ken Keffer's class, the answer is yes. This three-week course intended for Centre Term, an abridged term utilized for "hazard taking and investigation"  tests hypotheses set forth by individuals, for example, Immanuel Kant and Martin Heidegger by letting the students of the course concentrate on strolling as an involvement in itself as opposed to an unfortunate chore.

14.) Pet Apparel Fashion and Design

Christian Dior. Dolce and Gabbana. There's an entire world out there of pet mold and Kris Lynch is instructing thriving the students the intricate details. In this course, which is taught at the Fashion Institute of Technology, student undertaking the course figure out how to divert their innovativeness into one of today's quickest developing ventures, which is Pet clothing. As more and more people are adopting new trends to dress up their pets in pretty outfits and accessories, this course dives deep into the Pet fashion. At last, something to make our pets even cuter!

15.) Horology

This one of a kind course which is part of the Horology degree at Birmingham City is focused on time. Students undertaking this course dedicate their focus of studies to, well, time.  Consolidating the workmanship and study of time estimation, students not just figure out how to end up distinctly a watch or clockmaker, they learn to polish their inner entrepreneurs and managers.

16.) Ethical Hacking


As hacking is becoming commonplace and more attacks are observed on systems and cybercrime ratios increasing higher than ever, Ethical hacking is is the need of the hour. Taught at the Abertay University, Dundee, this course takes the students deep into the world of ethical hacking. As we live in an innovative age, there's an interest for good programmers to discover the security gaps before the terrible folks do - and this course is about how unlawful PC assaults can be performed and how they can be halted. The objective of the course is to train the students about how ethical hacking is done and how to prevent the malicious attacks, in short, ensuring the security of the system.

17.) The Most Effective Method to Win a Beauty Pageant

The full title of this course is "The manner by which to Win a Beauty Pageant: Race, Gender, Culture, and U.S. National Identity," taught at the Oberlin College, this course examines how sex, class, race and sexuality converge inside the pageant. The students undertaking the course likewise gets the opportunity to go on meeting a pageant as well, how cool is that?

18.) Petroleum Engineering

Taught at a variety of petroleum engineering schools, this course aims at energizing vocations in the oil and gas industry, including store, creation and penetrating building, which offer the extension to work over the world, in fact testing and monetarily remunerating jobs.  Petroleum Engineering graduates have a high employability record, and the course is perceived as a main program by worldwide oil organizations.

19.) Brew Studies

Taught at the Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, as though student life wasn't sufficiently boozy, you can now concentrate the miracles of making the ideal 16 ounces. The Brewing and distilling course at Heriot-Watt University checks the facts behind the brewing of wine and is the undergrad and postgraduate degree course intended for the individuals who work or wish to work in the brewing and refining business of wine. The course has been running for more than 100 years, and has compulsory organic chemistry modules. Obviously, due to the catchy title and outline, the course is a competitive one!

20.) Gothic Reviews

A spooky one, yet not only for the individuals who adore all things dark. This MA in Gothic: Culture, Subculture, Counterculture course offered at the St Mary's University, Twickenham, London covers everything gothic, including, craftsmanship, engineering, film, and composing from any semblance of Edgar Allan Poe. The 'contemporary gothic' module is normally bolstered by a progression of screenings in the climatic Old House in this way, on the off chance that you are startled by terrifying movies, likely best to keep away from this one.

21.) Video Gaming

Who said you shouldn't blend work with play? Gamers of the world: you can really think about computer games. The History of Video Games and Interactive Media course at the University of Victoria investigates the convergence of innovation, society, the inventive expressions, and culture through the investigation of the historical backdrop of computer games and intelligent media. Students on the course partake in a blend of addresses, examinations, and 'dynamic learning' - which fundamentally implies you'd be playing video games, a lot.

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