Eulogy for President Reagan, an Analysis

Eulogy for President Reagan, an Analysis


Document type: Speeches

Document kind: Speech

Venue: National Cathedral, Washington D.C.

Source: Thatcher Archive

Journalist: Editorial

Comments: On doctor's advice MT's Eulogy was delivered by video link in the cathedral, using plasma screens. Those seated at the front of the cathedral were able to listen but not to view the film.

Eulogy for President Reagan

To begin with, eulogies play a critical role in defining how an individual is remembered. In case a person wants to be remembered as someone who made people may be laugh, the eulogist tells stories of periods when said the individual’s humor brightened their time, made them smile, or broke tension. On the same note, if a person is to be remembered as an individual with considerable wisdom, the eulogist quotes them or addresses the times when the deceased is remembered. In simple terms, this paper presents present Ronald Reagan’s eulogy.

The family members of President Reagan, the present distinguished guests, including the current president and first lady, state officials, and fellow citizens, we regret to loose Reagan. Mr. President died two days ago but it looks like a long time. As a matter of fact, it is evident that numerous individuals in the country and other foreign nations have already missed him because of his kindly presence and reassuring voice. We have nothing to do only wish him a happy conclusion.

Ronald Reagan used to be a happy man with a lot of hospitality. It is only a decade ago since he said about his farewell; however, sad as well as hard to let him leave us. Due to his character, Mr. President belongs to the ages now; however, many people preferred it when Reagan belonged to us. It is clear that the president valued the beautiful gift of his life, his wife Nancy. It is well known that Reagan experienced many crowded places during his career, but Nancy was always by his side who made him lonely by just leaving their bedroom.

Americans honor Mrs. Reagan because of her love and loyalty she gave Mr. President on a wonderful journey as well as to that journey end. Today, America grieves with Nancy as well as your family. It is unfortunate that when the sun sets today and we lay to rest our president, a great American story will close.  

It is important to note that Reagan was a cheerful individual and had an invigorating presence, which was easy to do away with what daunting historic tasks he set himself. As many can testify, Reagan was a president who played a vital role in inspiring his nation as well as transforming the world at large. In fact, Mr. President had a rare not forgetting prized gift known as leadership, which is a magical quality that sets Americans apart so that many will follow them as they conjure up grand visions as well as invite their countrymen to have considerable dreams. Many imply that President Reagan’s understanding of the nobility of the American presidency corresponded with the country’s dream.

It is evident that Reagan fulfilled the ease as well as ease, which embodied himself that unusual alchemy of history and conventional as well as achievement and inspirational conduct not forgetting national pride, which defined the special role Reagan of the U.S. Reagan made his family members to understand the world as a place of open plains. What is more, the family tasted the share of hardship, uncertainty, as well as struggle. Out of these circumstances came a young man of steadiness, cheerful, and calm as well as confidence that life would bring good things. Some of the qualities that Americans have seen in Reagan were first spotted 70 and 80 years ago. Reagan was a protector who used to keep an eye out for trouble.

Reagan worked in radio as a sports announcer and depicted a friendly voice that made people see the game as he did. On the same note, Mr. President was a great actor and considered the handsome all-American good guy, which in his career needed understanding his lines as well as being himself. What is more, along the way certain convictions were formed and fixed in the man. It goes without saying that Reagan was a great man who believed that everything happens for a reason as well as people thrive to understand and do the will of God. Mr. President believed that the gentleman always perform the kindest thing in the world. Precisely, Reagan believed that individuals are good as well as have the right to be free. Additionally, he believed that bigotry as well as prejudice and discrimination are the worst things an individual can be guilty of. On the same note, Regan believed in the golden rule as well as in the power of prayer. He had a strong believe that America was not just a place in the globe, but the hope of the world.

In addition, Reagan had a strong believe in taking a break now and then, because, as we said, there is nothing better for the inside of a man than the outside of a horse. He spent many years in the film industry as well as politics to transform a man. Ronald Reagan’s deepest beliefs never had much to do with fashion or convenience. His convictions were always politely stated, affably argued, and as firm and straight as the columns of this cathedral. There came a point in Ronald Reagan’s film career when people started seeing a future beyond the movies. The actor Robert Cummings recalled one occasion.

Mr. President came to office with great hopes for America. And more than hopes. Like the president he had revered and once saw in person, Franklin Roosevelt, Ronald Reagan matched an optimistic temperament with bold, persistent action.  What is more, he was optimistic about the great promise of economic reform, and he acted to restore the rewards and spirit of enterprise. He was optimistic that a strong America could advance the peace, and he acted to build the strength that mission required. On the same note, the president believed that liberty would thrive wherever it was planted, and he acted to defend liberty wherever it was threatened. Similarly, Reagan had a strong believe in the power of truth in the conduct of world affairs. When he saw evil camped across the horizon he called that evil by its name.

President Reagan proposed a significant ideology and opposed the idea history was moved by impersonal tides and unalterable fates. Ronald Reagan believed instead in the courage and triumph of free men and we believe it all the more because we saw that courage in him.
As he showed what a president should be, he also showed us what a man should be. Ronald Reagan carried himself, even in the most powerful office, with the decency and attention to small kindnesses that also define a good life. Mr. President was considerate, courtly, as well as gentle and never o slight or embarrass others. 

Many individuals across the country cherish his leadership as well as his letters he addressed to his family members on crucial occasions, such as to strangers with questions about his days in Hollywood, and old friends dealing with sickness and loss. Reagan believed in our country and had a considerable love for the American people; thus, becoming symbol of the country. We think of a man advancing in years with the sweetness and sincerity of a scout saying the pledge. We think of that grave expression that sometimes came over his face, the seriousness of a man angered by injustice and frightened by nothing. It is evident that people that America’s best days are ahead of us. Nevertheless, with Ronald Reagan’s passing, some very fine days are behind us.   

To sum up, it is unfortunate that death has done all that death can do, and as Ronald Wilson Reagan goes his way, we are left with the joyful hope he shared. In his last years, he saw through a glass darkly. Now he sees his savior face to face. We think of the steady stride, that tilt of the head and snap of the salute, the big screen smile, and the glint in his Irish eyes when a story came to mind. And we look for that fine day when we will see him again, all weariness gone, clear of mind, strong and sure and smiling again, and the sorrow of this parting gone forever. May God bless Ronald Reagan and the country he loved.

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